From the Field to Your Plate

Vidalia Onion Committee 2018 Campaign

Unlike other onions, consumers have a limited window within which to purchase Vidalia onions (late April through mid-September). Vidalia sweet onions’ limited availability contributes to its appeal, but also brings inherent challenges due to the seasonality and regional nature of the onion. Because there are many onion options, consumers are willing to substitute when they can’t find what they prefer.

Where and how Vidalias are grown is what sets them apart from other sweet onions in the market. We honed in on these points when developing the “From the Field to the Plate” campaign. Focusing on influencers and chefs we developed mailers that gave them samples and highlighted the special steps that go into the growing of Vidalia Onions. Leveraging channels and modes of communication that appeal to the millennial target we developed Facebook ads and carousels that provided links to recipes and quotes from famous chefs. We also created digital and print ads for trade show publications.

The Results
the campaign received 4.2M+ Total Impressions from paid ads on Facebook and Instagram and 359K+ Total Impressions from banner ads, e-newsletter placements and print ads. The Influencer partnership mailers were distributed to 26 chefs, 36 influencers, and 3 people in media. This lead to 56 social shares which garnered an engagement of 16.2K+ (likes, shares and commenting).