Bringing awareness to something that's invisible; T-Mobile's 5G network. 
A year after its merger, T-mobile transformed into the nation's largest 5G network. To celebrate they distilled the brand's Un-carrier spirit into an actual one. Technology meeting mixology to create T-Mobile Ultra Capacity 5Gin.
I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. The information in this case study is my own and does not reflect the views of T-Mobile.
My Role
There was a team of designers working remotely on other deliverables for this project. I was one of the designers tasked with creating the upscale gin bottle design. Since there were many of us creating materials for the deliverable we needed to stay in constant communication to make sure we were all in sync to produce  a holistically stylish product.
The Challenge
Turning a technology brand into a top shelf-spirit brand. T-Mobile's branding is terrific for the Un-carrier but how can we translate that into a luxury spirit bottle that people will want to collect.
The Approach
I began the design process by researching the packaging of luxury spirits. Pulling out themes and design vocabulary used across these brands. Many had unique bottle designs, patterns, etching or other unique printing techniques. 
After doing an audit I began sketching out designs.
My early prototypes
The Discovery
The initial designs were well received but the client felt I had moved to far from their branding. After a break and reviewing the designs I could see how even though I used the brand's typeface and colors the designs felt a bit too removed. The labels also started to feel less luxury and more playful.
The Solution
To have the bottles feel luxury and still be firmly branded T-Mobile I found the solution to be less, not more. I started striping the design back and thinking about the bottle as understated, classic luxury.
My next round of label designs and prototypes
I preferred the clear bottle. It felt simple and elegant. Unfortunately the production company was not able to get the quantity we needed so we switched back to the black bottle.
Final Chosen Design
(My original design updated and finalized by another designer)

Landing Page
While creating the packaging I also put together a landing page to show the client how we can create a micro-site to showcase the Ultra Capacity 5Gin.
The 5Gin, 5Ginger Beer and momentum news has generated 109 unique stories across online and broadcast outlets with a total potential audience of 18,228,451.

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