A playing card deck that teaches typography. 
Type·ology shows the four major type classifications as well as the evolution of typefaces based on culture and technological advances. Each card contains facts about the classification as well as the time period it was created.
My Role
This was a personal project that came into being by my love and curiosity about typography. I researched, designed and wrote each card.
The Challenge
Typography is such a vast and complicated subject. There are many books on the subject and I needed a way to edit down the information and give it structure.
The Solution
Utilize a deck of playing cards, almost like flash cards to hold the information for each typeface. The card provides limited space and a structural hierarchy for the information.
Package design created to hold the cards
The Approach
The four suits are the four basic typeface classifications: Serif, Sans-serif, Script, and Display. The aces show the basic typeface classification. The number cards then represent classifications within the basic typeface classification. Each card informs on the: characteristics of the typeface, when it was designed, who designed it, and what major cultural or technological event occurred during that time. The court cards are represented by major typeface designers who have created typefaces in that classification.
Card Details

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